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IT Services

IT Support and Maintenance:

IT Support and Maintenance
Ad hoc / once-off support
Guaranteed Service Level agreements
Tailored contracts
Short three month contract term
Only pay for what you use

IT infrastructure (including workstations, desktops, related peripherals, networks, etc.) is unfortunately not something that can be installed and left alone . It needs regular maintenance, improvisation, and updating. A lot of businesses in the West Midlands are at a stage where they need efficient support for their IT infrastructure at a reasonable cost

The current IT support and maintenance scenario in the West Midlands reflects that businesses are paying too much for the services that they are getting in return. P.A.J.Electronics offers its specialised services in IT support and maintenance to large and small businesses in the West Midlands at an affordable, competitive and justifiable cost.

We offer flexible support and maintenance plans for your IT infrastructure. Select from hourly or daily support plans, depending on the response time requirements of your IT infrastructure. A typical maintenance agreement package could include a guaranteed response time, telephone-based support, and a Remote Maintenance Agreement.

The solutions we provide can be seamlessly integrated with your existing system, maintaining your expenditure within predefined budgets. P.A.J.Electronics engineers are qualified, experienced and equally committed to build upon healthy and long lasting business associations.

We also offer a very affordable Home User package for no business users from as little as £6 per month

Computer Repairs:

As with all electronic repairs P.A.J.Electronics offer a fully mobile service. The are 2 ways in which your computer can be repaired:

1) We offer an hourly rate onsite repair no call out. A full 1st hour rate will be charged on any call out.

2) Or we can take the computer back to the workshop and give you a quote. This option can be more cost effective as we are not tied down to 1 job.


All Data is fully backed up where possible before a repair is carried out. The are odd occasions where data may have been lost or damaged and can not be retrieved they are as follows:

1) If a hard drive failure has occurred, however there are ways of retrieving the data off a faulty hard drive although not guaranteed and this could prove time consuming.

2) If a virus has attacked your system this may have harmed your files.

3) Dropping your hard disc can result in loss or permanent damage to you data.

It is advised to backup your valuable files regularly!


All computer repairs are fully guaranteed subject to our terms and conditions.

Tel: 01527 835934 and give us a try we are sure you will be pleased or contact some of our clients and get a reference 

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