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Cloud Desktop Services:

Cloud Desktop services, Our thin client servers create your desktop experience where ever you are. You don't have to worry about backup its all done for you. An advantage can be where you have  limited broadband speeds using a cloud desktop means you have fast internet via a proxy server. So if you are out in the stix you can work like your in the city using the remote client. Costs are per user with individual backed up user folders.

Cloud IP HD CCTV Services:

Cloud CCTV services, Hosted HD CCTV Services can be a cost effective way of having High quality CCTV installed at a limited cost. You have the cameras installed and we record the images on our servers. You have web access to the system, recordings etc at a monthly hosting cost. The system is subject to the broadband speed availability at your site. A minimum 12 month period is required. 

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